Business strategy

  • Balancing data and gut instincts in hiring decisions

    When it comes to making decisions on a new talent, many experts will say that gut instinct should be left out of recruitment. But Christine Khor explains that balancing that innate instinct with cold, hard facts has many benefits

  • New job? Here's five top tips to make the move effortless

    It seems like it is inevitable that we all move on to a different business at some stage in our career, here is a five-step guide to ensuring your transition is as smooth as possible

  • 7 things you do that tell your client: "I don't care"

    Most brokers care about their relationships with clients, but a leading business consultant says your actions might be sending the opposite message

  • The 10 most common blocks to becoming a remarkable communicator

    How can you become that person who leaves their mark on others through inspirational and memorable conversations? Georgia Murch reveals what to avoid

  • How to boost your productivity in three easy steps

    To truly work effectively today, writes Dermot Crowley, it’s critical to harness the power of technology and to use it in a coordinated way to manage three core aspects of your work – your actions, your inputs and your outcomes

  • Mass communication: Is video the way forward?

    Communicating important ideas such as a rebrand or acquisition to the entire workforce can be a challenge, especially if they’re already being bombarded by emails. Could video be the answer?

  • Brokers: Are you on the verge of burnout?

    Overworking your staff can lead to serious issues within a team, such as clinical depression. Are you pushing those around you too far and what can you do to help lessen the burden?

  • Failure to plan means planning to fail

    You can’t win in battle without a battle plan and you can’t win in business without a business plan, according to Roland Hanekroot

  • Does corporate volunteering really work?

    Does letting staff go out and volunteer one day a year really create value for the charity? Peter Baines outlines a different approach to corporate volunteering – one that all parties can truly benefit from

  • Feedback is broken

    Providing feedback is vital to improving performance, yet many people receive it – and deliver it – poorly. Georgia Murch explains how to create a culture of feedback that is beneficial to the employee and the company as a whole