Business strategy

  • 5 ways to make your web (re)design easier

    The numbers don’t lie, and if they’re saying your website has failed to connect with clients, it probably has, writes Maggie Crowley

  • The brutal truth

    Stefan Kazakis explains why you need to be accountable for your business and how you are responsible for getting it back on track

  • The power of the tribe: Recognising and realising the value of business networks

    In this incredibly fast-paced business and economic landscape we can no longer do it alone – realistically, we never could; we just thought we could. Janine Garner shows us how to harness networking and collaboration to future-proof our success

  • Client service excellence – with more than a smile

    Clients are more demanding – and more fickle – than ever before. One false move on your part, and they’re gone. Nikki Heald reveals how to keep them happy, and keep them on your books!

  • Driving change: When to involve the troops

    Leadership is always a delicate balance, and knowing when to involve your staff in an important initiative is just one of these balancing acts – and the timing needs to be just right. In this extract from his book, Leadership: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint, Gordon Tredgold shares the perfect time to bring in support

  • Creating a customer delight culture

    In an incredibly competitive business landscape, it is vital that you keep customers not just satisfied but delighted! In an extract from his book From Deadwood to Diamonds, Stefan Kazakis reveals how to wow customers – and keep them for years to come

  • Thinking outside the square

    How can creativity be funnelled into innovative outcomes for business? Iain Hopkins asks where our childhood creativity goes and how we can bring it back