Business strategy

  • Mass communication: Is video the way forward?

    Communicating important ideas such as a rebrand or acquisition to the entire workforce can be a challenge, especially if they’re already being bombarded by emails. Could video be the answer?

  • Brokers: Are you on the verge of burnout?

    Overworking your staff can lead to serious issues within a team, such as clinical depression. Are you pushing those around you too far and what can you do to help lessen the burden?

  • Failure to plan means planning to fail

    You can’t win in battle without a battle plan and you can’t win in business without a business plan, according to Roland Hanekroot

  • Does corporate volunteering really work?

    Does letting staff go out and volunteer one day a year really create value for the charity? Peter Baines outlines a different approach to corporate volunteering – one that all parties can truly benefit from

  • Feedback is broken

    Providing feedback is vital to improving performance, yet many people receive it – and deliver it – poorly. Georgia Murch explains how to create a culture of feedback that is beneficial to the employee and the company as a whole

  • Hourly rate identity crisis

    If you’re a sole operator or business owner who is working every hour available to you but still have your back up against the wall, this excerpt from the book From Deadwood to Diamonds by Stefan Kazakis is for you work

  • How to use video to grow your business

    Videos that promote your business and inform potential customers are now expected by the vast majority of visitors to your website. Geoff Anderson reveals what content your potential viewers are looking for

  • The three major sins of sales management

    Before you restructure your insurance agency to mirror a more traditional sales team, consider this expert advice

  • Commercial collaboration: The operating system of the future

    A new methodology of collaboration is necessary to keep pace with the speed of today’s business environment, according to Janine Garner

  • Four keys to successful negotiation

    Negotiation is an essential part of daily life and crucial to a successful business