Business strategy

  • Is a high-trust culture possible?

    Instead of having high-trust cultures, too many organisations struggle with fear-based cultures. Stuart Taylor outlines how to turn the situation around

  • Why branding strategies fail

    Far too often a company’s shiny new branding strategy fails to live up to hopes and expectations. Jean-Luc Ambrosi explains the common reasons for failure, and what companies can do to get their branding strategies right

  • Getting inside our heads

    Taking your team to the next level means understanding yourself. Jill Fraser reports

  • Implementation: The holy grail of business?

    It’s all well and good spending hours, days or months on putting a business plan into place, but if you fail when it comes to putting it into action then you’re back to square one. Cyril Peupion explains how to follow through on your strategy

  • When and why you should consider rebranding

    Whether to rebrand or keep your company’s image unchanged is an important – and potentially costly – decision. Paul Nelson explains how to know when it’s time to revamp your image

  • Be less boring: Presenting financial content on stage

    Avoid being the speaker who makes the audience’s eyes glaze over and inspires the compilation of mental wish lists. Communications expert Jane Anderson reveals how

  • How to use video to grow your business

    Videos that promote your business and inform potential customers are now expected by the vast majority of visitors to your website. Geoff Anderson reveals what content your potential viewers are looking for

  • Balancing data and gut instincts in hiring decisions

    When it comes to making decisions on a new talent, many experts will say that gut instinct should be left out of recruitment. But Christine Khor explains that balancing that innate instinct with cold, hard facts has many benefits

  • New job? Here's five top tips to make the move effortless

    It seems like it is inevitable that we all move on to a different business at some stage in our career, here is a five-step guide to ensuring your transition is as smooth as possible

  • 7 things you do that tell your client: "I don't care"

    Most brokers care about their relationships with clients, but a leading business consultant says your actions might be sending the opposite message