Business strategy

  • Commercial collaboration: The operating system of the future

    A new methodology of collaboration is necessary to keep pace with the speed of today’s business environment, according to Janine Garner

  • Four keys to successful negotiation

    Negotiation is an essential part of daily life and crucial to a successful business

  • If at first you don’t succeed…

    Failure may shake your confidence, but one business coach offers advice on how to pick yourself up after a setback

  • Change or die

    Even the greatest and most successful businesses need to adapt and change in order to stay relevant, or else face obsolescence. It’s about anticipating, preparing for and embracing change when needed. Michael McQueen reveals how

  • The brutal truth

    Stefan Kazakis explains why you need to be accountable for your business and how you are responsible for getting it back on track

  • How Gen Y is changing the way we lead

    Gabrielle Dolan provides tips for leading what will soon become the dominant generation in the workforce – and busts some myths in the process

  • The reinvention of teamwork

    Technology gives us the power to communicate, collaborate and learn across great divides – but ultimately, it remains a tool. The real key to 21st-century business success is teamwork, writes Graham Winter

  • ​Standing in their Shoes

    Making sure you understand a potential client’s world view is often the best way to effectively influence them, argues Roger Ellerton

  • Time management: Are you a time saver or a time spender?

    Your personal time management beliefs may well be contributing to your productivity downfall, but a change in mindset can do wonders for business as well as your stress levels

  • The power of the tribe: Recognising and realising the value of business networks

    In this incredibly fast-paced business and economic landscape we can no longer do it alone – realistically, we never could; we just thought we could. Janine Garner shows us how to harness networking and collaboration to future-proof our success