• Insurance drones have lift off

    In an Australian first, IAG recently used drones to assess bushfire-caused property damage. How significant are the benefits and what is the future for commercial drone use in and outside insurance?

  • Averting Tragedy

    How should the Australian insurance industry and the businesses it serves prepare for the potential impacts of climate change?

  • Protecting the harvest

    Underinsurance and non-insurance of agricultural crops remains a prevalent issue in rural Australia. What’s the solution?

  • Accessing Asia

    Asian markets offer increasingly attractive prospects for Australian businesses. Insurance Business examines some of the key developments in the region and the pros and cons of making the move

  • Google eyed

    Over the past decade, the multinational technology behemoth has changed the world. How much noise will Google make in the insurance space?

  • Disaster recovery

    Is the aviation insurance market hardening as a result of recent commercial aircraft disasters? Or has little changed?

  • Clarifying the clarification

    Unauthorised foreign insurers have been a hot topic in Australia since a government announcement late last year. Is there genuine cause for concern over the proposal or is it a matter of wait and see?