Business Strategy

  • Let love bloom at work, but very carefully

    It makes sense that feelings might develop between colleagues, but sometimes workplace connections come with a risk

  • Leading and following

    A leader requires followers. So why is all the focus on former and not the latter? Hilary Armstrong is looking to right that imbalance

  • The art and science of mindfulness

    Most insurance professionals are aware of the importance of emotional intelligence – but mindfulness is perhaps the ultimate in brain training for better personal and professional outcomes

  • Healthy body plus healthy mind equals healthy career

    Our bodies are finely tuned machines, yet we tend to drive them into the ground, ignore warning signs, and generally treat them poorly. What if you could tap into a whole workforce of finely tuned, healthy and active employees? Christopher Paterson reports

  • Does your organization have a toxic leader?

    Businesses have started to implement family-friendly policies to recruit and retain their best employees

  • The power of the tribe: recognising and realising the value of business networks

    In this incredibly fast-paced business and economic landscape we can no longer do it alone – realistically, we never could; we just thought we could. Janine Garner shows us how to harness networking and collaboration to future-proof our success

  • Why monotasking is the new black

    Forget multitasking – we need to narrow our focus to become more efficient and stay mentally fit, according to brain expert Dr. Jenny Brockis

  • The reinvention of teamwork

    Technology gives us the power to communicate, collaborate and learn across great divides – but ultimately, it remains a tool. The real key to 21st-century business success is teamwork, writes Graham Winter

  • Progressing in Technology

    It’s expected that technology providers will provide their corporate customers with cutting-edge business solutions. What’s paramount in ensuring those providers’ insurance coverage is similarly current?

  • Engagement: The strategic way to win in business

    Happy staff and front-line customer service representatives translate into happy customers. Richard Maloney reveals how to boost staff morale to increase referrals and improve the bottom line