Exclusive Features

  • Keeping customers on side

    A software company leader talks to Insurance Business about using technology to ensure customers don’t look elsewhere for their insurance needs

  • Thorough decontamination

    Experts discuss with Insurance Business the need for contaminated product insurance and strategies to prevent recall incidents becoming major crises

  • Simplifying SME Insurance

    SURA Commercial’s national manager, Ian Faragher, talks about building new policies to make life easier for SME customers, brokers and underwriters

  • More forward thinking

    What's essential practice for brokers sourcing insurance for freight forwarders? Insurance Business talks to a broker and insurer about their successful partnership

  • Five key lessons from popular corporate branding

    Don't let your agency branding efforts go the way of "New Coke." Learn from these corporate follies and triumphs

  • The key to creating shareable social media videos

    Your social media video doesn’t have to include babies, celebrities or dancing in order to become immensely popular, according to Marcus Seeger. Read on to find out how to lift your social media presence to greater heights

  • Seven deadly sins of business marketing

    Brand and marketing specialist Jamie Thomas lists the cardinal sins that many business owners commit when it comes to marketing. Take heed or repent at leisure.