Exclusive Features

  • The time has arrived

    Australia’s long-awaited mandatory data breach notification scheme is finally here

  • Protection from Perils of the Sea

    Insurance Business asks expert underwriters for insights into the state of play in the marine cargo insurance market

  • The strata outlook

    What separates the best from the rest when it comes to strata insurance coverage? And what does the future hold for the market in Australia?

  • Safe Travels

    In this increasingly volatile international political climate, it’s more important than ever for employers to understand terrorism risk when placing coverage for their corporate travellers

  • Opening eyes to insurance

    The industry’s chief education provider has launched an initiative it hopes will heighten jobseeker awareness of the exciting careers insurance can offer

  • Keeping customers on side

    A software company leader talks to Insurance Business about using technology to ensure customers don’t look elsewhere for their insurance needs

  • Thorough decontamination

    Experts discuss with Insurance Business the need for contaminated product insurance and strategies to prevent recall incidents becoming major crises

  • Simplifying SME Insurance

    SURA Commercial’s national manager, Ian Faragher, talks about building new policies to make life easier for SME customers, brokers and underwriters

  • More forward thinking

    What's essential practice for brokers sourcing insurance for freight forwarders? Insurance Business talks to a broker and insurer about their successful partnership

  • Five key lessons from popular corporate branding

    Don't let your agency branding efforts go the way of "New Coke." Learn from these corporate follies and triumphs