IAG director retires

IAG director retires

Insurance Australia Group (IAG) director, Phillip Colebatch, has retired after almost six years on the insurance giant’s board. 

IAG chairman Brian Schwartz thanked Colebatch for his contribution over almost six years, during a time of significant change for the company. 

"Phillip has been an important part of the IAG Board since his appointment in 2007,” said Schwartz.

“His input into IAG’s strategic direction, as well as his work on the audit, risk management and compliance committee and more recently the nomination, remuneration and sustainability mommittee, has been invaluable. 

"The Board thanks Phillip for his contribution and wishes him every success for the future," added Schwartz. 

IAG confirmed it has an international search process underway to fill the vacancy “in a manner that complements the evolving geographical scope of the Group’s operations.”


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  • Robert Webster 3/09/2012 12:12:32 PM
    As a long term Insurance person, it is quite obvious that some Insurers choose their BDM's without being sure these people have strong underwriting skills, full knowledge of the policies their company is promoting. What is also needed is a simple list of risks their company is actively chasing and also of a not required list of risks. Doing this will speed up acceptances of risks presented . Speed is very important to Brokers as we are usually offered to quote with little time prior to expiry,and the prospective client needs to make a decision ASAP. Another matter which is hard to understand is the BDM not available By phone or email to discuss matters of importance ,which holds a broker back from (a) getting the business and (b) giving it to the BDM's company. Underwriters should have staff meetings prior to 9am or after 4pm, leaving the day clear for business interaction. I am sorry for my comments but the only thing we all have to work with is service, whether it be new , renewal or claims matters, customer service wins every time.
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