Insurer overhauls IT systems

Insurer overhauls IT systems

Insurer overhauls IT systems

One of Australia's largest intermediary-based insurers is set to consolidate its three business lines in a new customer relationship management platform. Brokers will now benefit...

The decision to amalgamate CGU’s currently separate retail, corporate and workers compensation insurance products is based on a wider ‘One CGU’ transformation program, unveiled to investors in March. The program is expected to save the company $65 million annually by the end of the 2015 financial year.

As reported in iTnews, CGU broker and agent division general manager Mark Searles said the company's three cloud-based CRM systems were structured around the size of the end-customer, which created inefficiencies in how it dealt with its partner network.

By replacing the three cloud-based CRMs with the new platform, Searles said the focus shifts from its products to its partners.

“Before, with a silo-based business, what you tend to do is focus very much on what on the needs of the individual business areas are,” Searles told iTnews on the sidelines of the Dreamforce conference last week.

“What we do now is what’s in the interest of the wider CGU … We’re looking to put an enterprise version of [Salesforce CRM] in to satisfy all our needs across the organisation.”

iTnews report that competitor Zurich Australia has been working towards deploying a similar “social business platform”, based on either technology or a combination of Oracle and Jive, by next year.




  • Daniel Kim 27/09/2012 6:24:05 AM
    Thanks for the info!
    It's great to hear that businesses internationally, are starting to adopt social CRM. Social CRM is a fantastic way of increasing efficiency and ROI by opening up lines of communication internally, as well as with the clients themselves. This encourage a relationship to build between the business and customer, therefore leading to increased sales and fluidity of information amongst employees of a business. These vital lines of communication provide an advantage to many businesses and will also expand a brand internationally. Previously, this was unimaginable but technological advancements and increased globalization have allowed businesses to reach far beyond presumed boundaries. As a member of the GreenRope family, I have been fortunate enough to observe the growth of many businesses that have embraced and utilized social CRM. This has brought me to the conclusion that if you have not fully adopted or even integrated a CRM software into a business, you must do so to stay competitive
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