Auto accident victim group slams insurance sector

Auto accident victim group slams insurance sector

Auto accident victim group slams insurance sector Ontario’s newly appointed auto insurance advisor, David Marshall, is being pressed to launch a full public inquiry into the quality of medical evidence used in auto insurance claims.

On Monday, his first day in the chair, Marshall received a call from the FAIR Association of Victims for Accident Insurance Reform, which claims that Ontario's auto insurance system is “troubled and dysfunctional”.

Rhona DesRoches, chair of FAIR said: "It is not an exaggeration to say that we are in a crisis when it comes to medical evidence in auto insurance claims. Ontario's auto accident victim's medical files are routinely manipulated by Ontario's auto insurers to delay and deny claims," she said.

FAIR wants a public inquiry into what it believes is systemic abuse of Ontario's vulnerable and injured car crash victims by Ontario's insurers and courts system.

While it’s well reported that fraud is rife in the auto insurance sector, according to the FAIR organization, about half of all claims are initially denied by auto insurers, and the court system is allegedly abused by insurers to delay payments to legitimate claimants.

The group claims that this results in the improper and wasteful expenditure by insurers of hundreds of millions of insurance premium dollars on medical reports to legitimate claims and a cost to Ontario taxpayers for financial and medical support for victims whose claims have been denied.

DesRoches said there was a failure of Ontario's courts and judges to ensure that medical expert witnesses are in compliance with the Rules of Civil Procedure.

"The use of bogus medical reports and testimony has profound negative outcomes for MVA victims who are left behind by their auto insurer," DesRoches said.
  • Ingrid Marroquin 2016-02-02 10:29:16 AM
    unless clinics, doctors, lawyers, tow trucks, auto shops, contractors, insureds, etc. are heavily fined or their licenses taken away or get jail time - this is not going to change. Do you know how much these people overcharge insurance companies? specially if client is with a company like Chubb - they just see $$$ signs. the whole system needs to be changed.
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  • Brian 2016-02-02 10:46:02 AM
    @ Ms. Marroquin

    You say unless doctors "get jail time" nothing will change. You appear to be talking about the doctors who treat auto accident victims. But what about the doctors who sell bogus accusations of malingering to auto insurers which are then used to bilk seriously injured auto accident victims out of their policy benefits? Do you think they need some jail time too - or is this flip side of auto insurance fraud ok with you? If it is fraud to exaggerate an injury for opportunistic gain - it is also fraud to deliberately and wrongfully minimize and trivialize serious injuries so that auto insurers can avoid paying legitimate claims. What about that form of fraud? Should we be looking to lock up the auto insurers' preferred vendors of bogus accusations of malingering?
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  • Ingrid Marroquin 2016-02-02 10:58:35 AM
    All of them-insurance companies included if they are found to be denying or short changing insureds on legitimate claims. It will not get better if everyone is not treated the same.
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