Canada Life Group Insurance renews its contract with RedArc

Canada Life Group Insurance renews its contract with RedArc

Canada Life Group Insurance renews its contract with RedArc Canada Life Group Insurance has announced the renewal of its contract with RedArc for another three years. Under the ongoing arrangement, RedArc provides long-term support for Canada Life’s group critical illness claimants.

Canada Life originally appointed RedArc in 2011, and, since then, the latter has helped nearly 1,500 of Canada Life’s customers who’ve been diagnosed with serious illnesses. On average, RedArc supports approximately 200 Canada Life claimants at any one time and has conducted thousands of phone calls, provided support via letter and email, and arranged an array of external therapies and counselling services for claimants.

Once a group critical illness claim is submitted, RedArc’s personal nurse advisers reach out to employees and their families to provide practical and emotional support. The referral is automatic (unless the individual opts out), and the service is free for the employee at the point of claim. Support is provided for as long as needed, and RedArc’s personal nurse advisers may refer individuals to specialist therapies or counselling if necessary, at no extra cost to employees or the insurer.  

Thus far, 65% percent of the Canada Life cases managed by RedArc have been cancer-related, 13% cardiac-related, 6% Multiple Sclerosis, and 5% stroke-related.

Paul Avis, marketing director for Canada Life, had only positive things to say about his firm’s partnership with RedArc.

“RedArc fulfils our ambition to be the insurer that genuinely supports those we cover, beyond the financial and contractual,” he said.

Canada Life’s Group Critical Illness policy currently covers 275,000 employees. In a 2016 patient survey, an overwhelming 98% of policyholders rated the RedArc support service as good or excellent, and 95% said the service enhanced their view of Canada Life.

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