Canada Protection Plan launches ‘no-med’ line up

Canada Protection Plan launches ‘no-med’ line up

Canada Protection Plan launches ‘no-med’ line up Life insurer The Canada Protection Plan has launched a new line up of ‘no-med’ life insurance products for which it claims “no applicant will be turned down.”

The company announced its new product range last week, revealing that the policies will cover prospects with non-aggressive cancers for up to $500,000, provided it has been at least one year since treatment was completed and that they are deemed to be in remission.

For those over the age of 55 who have suffered from a coronary artery disease – such as a heart attack, bypass surgery, or stent insertion – or sufferers of multiple sclerosis, coverage may also be provided at up to $500,000 if eligible.

There are no pre-qualification questions, nor are there questions about disability, the insurer said.

“Whether clients have health issues, are in good health, new to the country on a work permit, participate in extreme sports or simply want reliable, affordable protection quickly and are between 18 and 80 years old, we can offer the life insurance coverage they deserve,” senior vice president of sales at Canada Protection Plan, Michael Aziz, said in a release.

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