Insurers on explosion scene as foul play suspicions rise

Insurers on explosion scene as foul play suspicions rise

Insurers on explosion scene as foul play suspicions rise Speculation is rising that foul play was involved in a house explosion that rocked a Mississauga neighbourhood. Police Sergeant Joshua Colley confirmed to the media the Peel Regional Police’s 12 division crime unit is undertaking the investigation after the blast totalled a house, killing one woman and injuring nine others.

Colley confirmed the house’s inhabitants as Robert Nadler and Diane Page, but would not respond to speculation that Page is the deceased, and that Nadler is the same man convicted of murder in the city in the 1980s. Both are currently missing, according to reports.

The explosion, which occurred at 4:20 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon, signaled an evacuation order from the city, with 700 neighbouring addresses initially impacted. Sixty nine remain uninhabitable due to debris and the ongoing investigation.

Insurers are on the scene providing support to displaced Hickory Drive residents, many of whom require additional living expenses and temporary housing.

Pete Karageorgos, director of consumer and industry relations at Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) said adjustors are helping where they can.

“This morning some people met with insurance adjustors even at a Tim Hortons,” he said to Mississauga News. “The critical piece is going to be for those who have extreme damage to their homes.”

It has been reported that several houses in the immediate vicinity will also need to be demolished.

The IBC is also available to meet with residents at the Burmanthorpe Community Centre, which will operate as an emergency evacuation and information centre for the next three days.

The extent of damage or cost to insurers has yet to be determined as adjustors do not yet have access to the area.

While the cause of the explosion has yet to be determined, Karageorgos told Mississauga News that a claim could be denied if found to be a result of a criminal act. “Usually, if there is anything criminal in nature, the claim for that particular property may be denied – but all the neighbouring properties impacted by the blast wouldn't be affected,” he stated to the paper.

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