More drivers are using winter tires: Survey

More drivers are using winter tires: Survey

More drivers are using winter tires: Survey A new survey found that more Canadian drivers are adopting the use of winter tires, breaking previous record numbers.

The survey was conducted by Leger for the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC).

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According to the survey, 61% of drivers outside Quebec now use winter tires; Quebec is the only province to enforce the use of winter tires.

When compared to a similar study conducted in 2014, the newer survey found that there were double-digit or near double-digit increases in winter tire usage in all regions outside Quebec.

Specific findings of the survey include:
  • 49% of British Columbia drivers now own winter tires, compared to 38% in 2014.
  • 55% of Alberta drivers use winter tires, versus 45% in 2014.
  • 50% of Manitoba and Saskatchewan drivers use winter tires—an 11 percentage point increase from 2014.
  • 65% of Ontario drivers utilize winter tires, compared to 56% in 2014.
  • 81% of Atlantic Canada drivers install winter tires on their vehicles as needed, an 8 percentage point increase from 2014.
The survey noted that among the 30% of surveyed drivers still not using winter tires, the belief that all-season tires provide sufficient traction (48%) and that winter tires are too expensive (23%) were the most common barriers to winter tire adoption.

“Drivers adopting winter tires in record numbers is fabulous news because it means Canada’s roadways in winter are becoming significantly safer,” commented TRAC president Glenn Maidment. “However, the fact that three-in-ten motorists still do not own winter tires poses a threat to all motorists. This is why outreach to educate drivers continues to be needed. Every motorist needs to know that today’s high-tech winter tires radically outperform all-seasons in all cold-weather driving conditions and offer potentially life-saving benefits.”

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  • Westy 2016-11-17 5:35:32 PM
    Glad folks are getting the message. I've always run winter tires. People are still under the impression they are for snow only. If it dips below 7C in your area regularly, you should be running winters or All Weathers (mountain + snowflake symbol) for potential black ice conditions. Makes it safer for everyone on the road.
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  • Ken 2016-11-17 9:52:15 PM
    We have two all wheel drive vehicles. In mid-January one is parked in the garage and the other taken to Florida until April. While I am a strong believer in the value of winter tires, I am one who has trouble justifying their purchase.
    One size does not always fit all!
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  • KS 2016-11-18 11:30:14 AM
    No -20C and couple feet of snow in Florida right? Cheers :)
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