Shop Insurance Canada says more law enforcement powers needed to combat drug driving

Shop Insurance Canada says more law enforcement powers needed to combat drug driving

Shop Insurance Canada says more law enforcement powers needed to combat drug driving “With the legalization of marijuana in 2017, Canada’s roads may see further hikes in the amount of drivers operating vehicles while under the influence of cannabis. By ensuring there is a clear and standard procedure for testing, the government can give law enforcement tools to police the problem. It is also important for officers to be trained to become drug recognition experts,” Shop Insurance Canada said in a  report.

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Public Safety Canada recently announced an inter-agency effort involving the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administration (CCMTA) that will enable roadside drug testing.

According to a Public Safety Canada statement, police officers in seven police districts across the country will be tested on their skill in the use of “oral fluid screening devices.” These devices can detect controlled substances in the saliva, such as cannabis, cocaine, methamphetamine and opioids.

“Legalization of cannabis and its impact on road safety is a key priority of the CCMTA. The project will ensure additional information on the usefulness of these tools is available to enforcement,” CCMTA board chair Steve Louttit said in the statement.

In addition, Ralph Goodale, minister of public safety and emergency preparedness, noted in the same statement, “Testing these new drug screening devices is an important step in our ongoing effort to enhance the enforcement of drug-impaired driving laws, reduce drug-impaired driving, and improve the safety and security of all Canadians.” 

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  • Rakesh Dutta 2017-01-08 6:53:31 PM
    The legalization process of marijuana which may run into millions of dollars when calculated in TOTAL COST, the government should have taken initiatives which would encourage the users to voluntarily leave this habit in return for financial incentives/jobs/business opportunities. The incalculable loss for the society in various forms from consuming marijuana is alone a big factor for the government to consider ways in a way a responsible and people - oriented government works on.
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