US 2016 election: Which candidate do insurance pros prefer?

US 2016 election: Which candidate do insurance pros prefer?

US 2016 election: Which candidate do insurance pros prefer? Insurance professionals overwhelmingly prefer the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency to that of a Clinton Administration, an Insurance Business survey shows.

Insurance Business recently surveyed 100s of insurance professionals about their preferences in the presidential election. Of those, nearly two thirds – 63.37% – said they were pulling for Trump to win the presidency. Only 26.52% said they were hoping for a Clinton win, while 10.11% said they didn’t like either candidate.

Trump supporters generally cited his business experience as a plus. They also frequently mentioned a disdain for Clinton’s baggage as a career politician.

“(Trump) has been successful in business and I believe he will seek advice from professionals in all industries – not just insurance – to get the best results for the people of America,” wrote one respondent.

“His economic and tax policies will free up money in the free market,” another wrote. “Growing family wealth means more paying customers.”

“While not the perfect candidate for sure, Trump seems more ethical, to have more integrity, savvy business sense, and will likely continue to say it like it is – for better or worse,” another broker wrote. “Will any of us really know who or what Clinton is or will be – unless we contribute millions to the Clinton Foundation? As an insurance broker, ethics and integrity are vital to my business. I would RUN away from a potential insured that had the kind of baggage and corruption issues Clinton does. I think the insurance industry as a whole would be wise to embrace change.”

Clinton supporters, meanwhile, saw her long experience in politics as a strength rather than a liability.

“She has more than enough experience to guide our country in the right direction,” a Clinton supporter wrote. “She’s intelligent, calm and fearless.”

But many Clinton supporters didn’t just point out her strengths; they also questioned Trump’s fitness to hold office.

“(Clinton) has experience and has a goal and a history of serving the public not her self interest!!!” wrote one. “She is not sexist, racist or a bully. She doesn’t change her mind with the wind.”

“She’s beyond qualified for the position and will represent our country in a dignified manner,” another wrote. “Trump is an embarrassment to us all.” 

Meanwhile, a small but significant number or respondents said they didn’t support either candidate.

“I don’t trust Clinton and Trump has no experience in politics,” one wrote.

“One candidate is so morally bankrupt I believe she would do anything to be elected president, and the other is a narcissist egomaniac who could throw us into total economic and political chaos,” wrote another.

Which way would you vote if you could have your say in the election? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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