Footwear gives its life for broker’s success

Footwear gives its life for broker’s success

Footwear gives its life for broker’s success The secret of Bryce Kumka’s success could be seen as hands-on knowledge of his clients’ needs… or maybe make that feet-on knowledge. Says the property and construction specialist: “I ruin a lot of shoes. Every year I ruin a lot of shoes.”

It’s something in which the Partner and Senior Account Executive for Commercial Insurance of Rogers Insurance Ltd. takes a lot of pride.

“One of the key parts of my practice and my reputation in the insurance business is that I have physically walked every building that we insure; most of them since they were holes in the ground -- or bare pieces of ground.”

It ties in nicely with some words of advice that older, wiser broker Rod Finlayson gave Kumka at the tender age of 19: ‘Don’t try to insure stuff that you don’t understand.’

So it is a given that the Fort McMurray-based Kumka understands the sites he’s insured from the ground up: “I’m highly involved in the construction process.”

And then later, when a claim is being made “I don’t have a problem attending the claims locations and talking with the customers and understanding the extent of the damage. I think that really helps later on in the process.”

As ever, relationships are the name of the game.

“We don’t have a large client base numbers wise but we have a large volume of business so we have really good relationships with our clients.”

It is an approach that leaves him well-positioned to address the needs of a client base experiencing the pain of a resource downturn.

“Our clients are being asked to reduce their costs so we’re looking for innovative ways to do that.”