Aviva announces international push into new technology

Aviva announces international push into new technology

Aviva announces international push into new technology On Tuesday, Aviva announced its partnership with the global digital start-up accelerator Plug and Play.

Through the partnership, Aviva will be able to provide guidance to digital start-ups and help bring their innovative ideas into fruition.

The partnership hopes to come across digital insurance innovations via the joint InsurTech programme, launching this September. The programme is anticipating up to a thousand applications from start-ups whose ideas can shake the insurance industry.

Aviva will work with Plug and Play and other programme partners to choose the most promising start-up ideas. Between 40 and 50 start-ups will be selected, which would then work out of Plug and Play’s headquarters in Silicon Valley. The start-ups will receive hands-on support to develop their propositions.

According to a release from the company, the partnership supports Aviva’s Digital First strategy—the company’s push to test, develop, and utilise technology to improve customer experience.

The partnership gives Aviva an opportunity to witness first-hand the innovations brewing in Silicon Valley. As per the partnership agreement, Aviva will maintain a presence in the region up to three months, working with some of the most “talented technology experts on the West Coast.”

“I’m delighted we are working with Plug and Play, and see the partnership as a key way to move our culture and innovation forward rapidly,” said Monique Shivanandan, Chief Information Office at Aviva.

“This partnership forms another exciting strand of our digital innovation strategy as well as providing opportunities for our people to work with leading entrepreneurs to explore new digital innovations and thinking,” commented Aviva Chief Digital Officer Andrew Brem.

“It is a great pleasure to partner with such a forward-looking insurance company and it’s an honour to be part of their digital transformation,” remarked Plug and Play founder and CEO Saeed Amidi. “We look forward to pursuing innovative ideas in the UK and Europe, as well as building a bridge to Silicon Valley.”

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