• Daily Market Update

    Environmental risks need urgent attention from governments... Supply chain risk ranks highly for business leaders… Climate change risk needs to move from assessment to management say business leaders… And why women need more support in the insurance industry…

  • Daily Market Update

    Life insurance set to grow as economies recover… Environment is a ‘ticking time bomb’ of risk… US government agency may sue insurers... Australians buying more insurance... And the insurance firm boss who knows how to party…

  • Global risk exposure market lures another insurer

    Following the heels of the Ironshore Canada announcement that is was expanding into the commercial property coverage market, another insurer is offering a new line of multinational commercial property products and services for mid-size businesses.

  • Do Ontario accident victims heal more slowly?

    It is a question brokers within the province are asking after looking at the statistics, especially when Ontario insurers are trying to meet the 15 per cent premium targeted cut.

  • Execs in climate denial claims could be personally liable

    Your corporate clients may want to revisit their existing coverage, as some groups are saying that executives could be facing personal liability in climate denial-related claims.

  • Zurich debuts new broker technology

    Global insurer Zurich is rolling out new technology this summer that aims to make the lives of its corporate customers and appointed agents much easier.

  • Catastrophic loss reduction workshop coming to Toronto

    Earthquakes on the B.C. coast, tornadoes sweeping through the U.S. Midwest and torrential rains pounding Ontario – the timing for a workshop on catastrophic loss couldn’t be better.

  • The Weekly Wrap

    Flood mitigation and prevention projects in southern Alberta could take years before the work is completed.

  • Insurer showing its public accountability

    As one insurer released its first quarter numbers, the inclusion of its public accountability statement is a strong indicator of the importance of social responsibility for companies and corporations today.

  • ​The Future is Now

    Accurate and granular mapping data can turn reaction times from weeks and days into hours and seconds for insurers. The technology exists today, so what's the hold up?