• Overland flood insurance – how not to do it

    As Canadians still search for a viable national overland flood strategy, the British model has come under fire as a wasteful tax by critics.

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  • Alberta fast-tracking 2013 flood claims

    Although the western province is coming to grips with a deficit budget due to a collapse in oil prices, Alberta has pledged an extra $20 million to fast-track the remaining claims from the province's 2013 floods.

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    Businesses prepare for snowstorm… Hacking group claims it took down Facebook… Climate change doubles the risk of extreme weather…

  • Ottawa puts money where its mouth is on mitigation

    The Insurance Bureau of Canada is encouraged by the funding for flood mitigation projects from the federal government, citing 2013 as a record-breaking year for insured damage.

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    Digital dangers are still underestimated… Reaction to Obama signing terrorism insurance act… Natural catastrophe insurance losses hit five-year low…

  • Alleged falsified reports to be released mid-month

    Allegedly doctored engineering reports that led to flood insurance claim denials after Superstorm Sandy are expected to be released by the middle of this month, according to attorneys working on the case.

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