• Daily Market Update

    ​North American snow fall increases flood risk… Russians spying on internet-linked CCTV… Reputational risk can cost you dearly… Tributes paid to Citigroup risk executive as police investigate death…

  • Giving back can get you back a lot more: broker

    Making fundraising matter on a local level has not only helped those in need, but has had a positive effect on one brokerage’s corporate image and ability to hire quality people.

  • Sons, daughters learn how insurance changes lives for the better

    For these brokerage and restoration companies, Take Your Kids to Work Day is a very personal way to show how their industry is having a positive impact on people's lives.

  • Daily Market Update

    UN report says we have 86 years to save the world… Climate scientist tells risk managers – don’t treat climate change as “Doomsday”… Identity theft risk for business travellers… Smaller insurers take on the big boys online…

  • Lessons from Metrolinx on risk management

    What makes for excellent risk management? Meeting the needs of 1,500 stranded, soaking wet GO Train passengers and limiting the damage to 150 claims and about $100 worth of dry cleaning apiece.

  • Can brokers compete? Yes they can

    As major retailers continue to push their way into the insurance space, brokers need to push back to maintain market share – and accordingly to the latest IB poll, there is one route that looks promising.

  • Flood mitigation pays back five times the cost: analysis

    A recent Suncorp analysis provides ample ammunition for insurers hoping to convince governments to spend money on flood mitigation.

  • Daily Market Update

    Another retailer may have been hit by credit card data breach… Businesses increase spending on cyber security… Organizations increasing management of top risks… New report highlights El Nino flood risk…

  • Daily Market Update

    Hurricane Gonzalo hits Bermuda ... Breast cancer awareness in the workplace... Australian evacuation app takes prize in UN global challenge...

  • ORA takes aim at proposed benefits changes

    The Ontario Rehab Alliance says that a proposed regulatory amendment will create an incentive for insurers to deny benefit claims for everyone.