• Daily Market Update

    Was Sony hack the work of an ex-employee?... Devastating year for aviation but experts say flying is very safe… Homeowners blame FEMA flood maps for insurance bills…

  • Wild winds rack up $90 million in insured damage

    The heavy rains and winds that swept across Ontario and Quebec last month caused almost $100 million in insured damage, according to preliminary estimates.

  • Are your clients ready if another ice storm strikes?

    A year ago December rain, freezing rain and snow hit Southern Ontario, with the ice storm causing more than $200 million in insured losses – are your clients ready if the iceman cometh again?

  • Daily Market Update

    Storms hit western coast of North America; more to come says expert… Complacent senior executives value personal data above work data… Brisbane hailstorm claims push closer to $1 million…

  • A demonstrator for controlling urban flooding

    Brokers may want to take their homeowner clients on a walking tour of this Burlington, Ont. home that has been retrofitted to mitigate basement flooding.

  • Daily Market Update

    The Philippines feels the force of nature… Insurance sector should help with student loans… Banks understating the scale of fraud… November’s weather related impact…

  • Firm accused of faking Sandy reports, cheating claimants

    An engineering firm that performed work for a unit of leading insurer Hartford Financial Services Group stands accused of cheating victims of 2012’s Superstorm Sandy by secretly falsifying damage reports related to homeowner claims.

  • Daily Market Update

    Collaboration key to effective risk management… Real estate industry needs to work with insurers on climate change… Banks should consider cyber risk insurance says regulator…

  • Public support for mitigation investment is there: survey

    As the insurance industry looks to governments to invest in infrastructure to mitigate future weather-related CAT events, it looks like they can count on clients for support.

  • Record-breaking Buffalo snow reveals coverage gaps

    The record-breaking snow has stopped falling on Buffalo, N.Y. and the surrounding area, but now warmer temperatures will test that city's flood coverage.