Insurance no cover from shady salesmen

Insurance no cover from shady salesmen

Insurance no cover from shady salesmen Insurance might not be enough to protect consumers from one company selling furnaces door-to-door in Saskatchewan.

One consumer, Joel Beckel, bought a furnace from the company, Simply Green Home Services and later found the installers did not have the correct permits to carry out the work. “Without a gas permit, if anything happens, there goes my insurance,” Beckel told one media outlet.

The installation also left his chimney with cracks and holes while the new ventilation pipes blocked access to his cabinet.

Beckel’s experience is far from the only complaint levelled against the Ontario-based company.

Another consumer says the furnace installation left her with exposed electrical wires, and a hole in the side of her house; issues which have not been resolved despite numerous calls to the company over a period of months.

A third consumer found that her newly-purchased furnace when inspected by SaskPower a matter of months after installation had gas leaks that required immediate repair. Until the repairs could be carried out the system was ordered shut down.

For consumers who signed contracts with Simply Green and are now dissatisfied, the news is bad: the fine print has customers waiving any and all claims for any damages to their property. In addition, the payments they are contracted to make to the company go up with every passing year.