Brokers: too sexy for themselves?

Brokers: too sexy for themselves?

Brokers: too sexy for themselves?

Are insurance brokers "sexy"?

Unemployed people are “sexier” than insurance professionals, according to new online research.
Out of 1,000 men and women surveyed, ranging between 18 and 60+ years old, none deemed insurance and the superannuation industry to be a sexy profession.

Manufacturing, transport and logistics also scored 0% across the board. Call centre and customer service did not do much better with a total of 0.3% of respondents finding it sexy.

In contrast, 2.4% of men said the unemployed were sexy, according to VictoriaMilan.

Male insurance brokers clearly have a long way to go before they reach the animal magnetism of soldiers (14% of the female vote), emergency services personnel (10.8%) and people employed in trades and services (7.6%).

As for that hot guy at the bar, he is most likely to be attracted to women in the fields of sports and recreation (11.4% of men), healthcare and medicine (9.4%) and hospitality and tourism (6.7%)

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