• Some premium ups and downs for insurer

    There were a couple of premium drops and one bump up for one insurer after looking at the numbers for the past nine months.

  • New head of marketing for Canada appointed

    One global specialty insurer has announced the appointment of a new head of market management responsible for the oversight, service and growth of Canadian brokers and clients.

  • Family entertainment centres offer opportunity for brokers

    When the 2008 financial crisis sent the economy south, family entertainment expenses followed. But recent trends suggest that families are ready to start indulging in some of life’s lighter pleasures.

  • Bill to impose strict liability on ship owners

    A bill that passed third reading last week would place strict liability and compulsory pollution insurance on ship owners, should the Senate pass it into law.

  • Are insurers ready for arctic shipping routes?

    Although arctic shipping routes offer an attractive and lucrative alternative to current trade routes, ships and crews are currently lacking in preparedness and experience to exploit it, says an expert in marine insurance.

  • The Panama Canal: the billion-dollar challenge

    As the Panama Canal prepares to celebrate its 100th anniversary, insurers are warning of the increased risks that will arise from its plan to double the cargo-carrying capacity of ships transiting one of the world’s most important waterways.

  • Rating agencies affirm strength of global insurer

    An insurer employing more than 3,500 worldwide received a vote of confidence from two rating agencies yesterday, reaffirming that company’s financial strength.

  • Boating claim season is officially here

    A delayed boating season has pushed back the typical stream of claims that is associated with marine insurance – but there are still some valuable lessons learned and relearned so far this year, says the national broker for Sail Canada.

  • Gallagher takeover has one broker smiling

    The Arthur J. Gallagher takeover of Noraxis Capital Corp. is already having a trickledown effect for one Toronto broker, who has seen a new market open up for him an ocean away.

  • That makes 12 takeovers for the year

    Hub International continues to gobble up insurance agencies, swallowing up yet another insurer.