• ​Rowan Saunders: Leading a Transformative Journey

    RSA Canada has doubled in size since president and CEO Rowan Saunders took over in 2003, and he’s not done yet. Here he speaks out on new growth opportunities, a new corporate culture, what the industry can learn from tech giants and how insurance can get ‘sexier’ to attract new talent

  • 8 Questions: From a peer's perspective

    Chris Karram is co-founder and financial advisor with Safebridge Financial Group in Toronto. He focuses on mortgage-centered financial planning. He took a few minutes to answer these questions for Insurance Business Canada.

  • ​BROKERS: Your Best Opinion

    Too many times he has heard tales of buyers remorse from people who have purchased auto insurance online, clicking boxes that promise cheaper premiums but carry large deductibles and sometimes little or no coverage.

  • Sharon Ludlow: It's Sink or Swim

    Let’s get real. Canada needs more than just better flood insurance, says Sharon Ludlow, leader of one of the country’s biggest reinsurers. It needs a real flood policy!

  • A broker 2014 wish list

    We are surrounded by technology – but what shiny new devices should brokers spend their hard-earned dollars on? We have a few suggestions for your 2014 Wish List.

  • Client checklist for Christmas

    Here are some tips for clients brokers can share with their clients for the holidays, courtesy of the Insurance Brokers Association of Nova Scotia:

  • Is work taking over your personal life?

    One of the key barriers to achieving a healthy work/life balance is the feeling of guilt when you stop working, something that is especially difficult for perfectionist or A-type personalities, says business coach Jon Dale.

  • Educating our children

    November 6 was “take your kid to work day” so I have been thinking about education a little more than usual.

  • Julie Dickson on tighter underwriting

    Following Julie Dickson's opening address to those attending the National Insurance Conference of Canada, the Superintendent fielded questions on the current state of the insurance union. Here are the highlights:

  • Legal insurance boring? Not so!

    Lawyers have catchy advertising – why can’t legal expense insurers? One company is taking a proactive approach to building its brand by taking a contest into the courtroom.