• Is work taking over your personal life?

    One of the key barriers to achieving a healthy work/life balance is the feeling of guilt when you stop working, something that is especially difficult for perfectionist or A-type personalities, says business coach Jon Dale.

  • Educating our children

    November 6 was “take your kid to work day” so I have been thinking about education a little more than usual.

  • Julie Dickson on tighter underwriting

    Following Julie Dickson's opening address to those attending the National Insurance Conference of Canada, the Superintendent fielded questions on the current state of the insurance union. Here are the highlights:

  • Legal insurance boring? Not so!

    Lawyers have catchy advertising – why can’t legal expense insurers? One company is taking a proactive approach to building its brand by taking a contest into the courtroom.

  • Mergers and acquisitions down for this year

    Although the Hub acquisition made a splash this summer, the number of insurance agency mergers and acquisitions has declined slightly during the first half of 2013.

  • Starting your own brokerage from scratch

    Tim Withey, who started up his own brokerage business in Huntsville, Ontario, tells Insurance Business how he did it, and what brokers need in order to help create more brokerage start-ups.

  • 10 reasons brokers are better than direct insurers

    Stewart Bell of Elixir Consulting reveals a 10-point value proposition for brokers...

  • Four Ways to Keep your Top Producers Sane

    The very qualities that make your top producers successful may ultimately prove to be their undoing. What are you doing to keep your top producers from burning out or moving on?

  • Canada loses an “inspirational” broker

    The chairman of the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC) and a prominent insurance broker has tragically passed away after four-year battle with cancer.

  • Broker association CEO wins prestigious award

    Broker association CEO Randy Carroll receives Governor General’s medal for his work on behalf of victims of crime.