Norm McIntyre

Norm McIntyre

Norm McIntyre
Senior Vice President
Jardine Lloyd Thompson Canada

With more than 35 years in the industry, Norm McIntyre has made a name for himself as one of commercial fleet insurance’s power players. Starting as a fleet clerk with Zurich Insurance, McIntyre soon moved from the company side to the broker side, with part of that business being commercial, long-haul transportation. McIntyre has a flair for the work – his success led to him being named one of Insurance Business’ top 30 elite brokers earlier this year. “The key to success is that you try to become an asset to the management of your customer’s company,” McIntyre says. “You become like a valuable partner – just like his accountant; you get an insight into how his business works and how insurance can go handin- hand with that to make it easier for him.”

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