Director, insurance and risk management
Ottawa, Ontario

Following the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York City, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation realized the importance of having dedicated in-house insurance and risk management capabilities. Thus, Nata Maggio was charged with the task of leading the corporation’s newly created insurance and risk management department.

As Canada’s largest national public broadcaster, CBC/Radio-Canada faces a unique set of risks. “Like all broadcasters, the corporation must adapt to technological changes, shifts in demographics and evolving consumer demands, as well as structural changes in the industry,” Maggio says. “Given our statutory mandate to serve all Canadians, CBC/Radio-Canada also faces unique public expectations and financial challenges.”

Maggio adds that the broadcaster faces more typical business risks as well, including employee health and welfare, regulatory, and cybersecurity risks – an area that Maggio is particularly targeting for the future. “An area of focus is reviewing our approach to media liability for digital productions and cybersecurity risks as our industry continues to transition to digital,” she says.

Embracing the current modernization of the broadcasting industry, Maggio expects that those changes may soon affect insurance needs and requirements, but says her basic requirements for an insurer have stayed the same: client-focused service, timely turnarounds, and long-term commitment.

As risks have evolved throughout the years, Maggio is proud to have had a hand in risk management being considered a valuable tool for companies. “From an operational perspective, risk management has become part of the conversation at the planning stages of initiatives and projects rather than [after] an issue has arisen,” she says. “There is more emphasis on crossfunctional input to ensure that all aspects of a given topic are more comprehensively taken into consideration.”

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