Director, insurance and risk management
Vancouver, British Columbia

A licensed aircraft maintenance engineer and private pilot, Philip Haddad got his start in risk management seven years ago when he joined the risk management team at CHC Helicopter. Initially working in supply chain management, Haddad found himself getting involved with insurance claims following accidents or incidents within the company. He eventually found his niche within the insurance and risk management department, which he now leads, overseeing the risk functions and insurance programs across the entire company, which operates more than 250 aircraft across six continents.

Because CHC primarily carries passengers to and from offshore platforms and vessels for many of the world’s top oil & gas companies, “the biggest risk we face is flying offshore in very challenging weather conditions,” Haddad says. “But we also face risks such as reputational risks of the company in the event of an accident, and how we manage the brand of CHC and mitigate future risks, as well as economic conditions and managing the expectations and issues that come with it.”

Another risk on Haddad’s radar is cyber – specifically, the need to understand what type of policies are available and a cyber breach’s potential impact on business operations.

Haddad says he enjoys the exciting nature of working in such a dynamic industry, dealing with a variety of business risks. “Every day is different; it can go from one end of the spectrum to the other,” he says. “There is a lot of accountability and responsibility when you are insuring billions of dollars’ worth of helicopters and facilities, as well as employees. It comes with a lot of challenges, but also with a lot of satisfaction to know that you are doing the job right.”

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