Karen Traynor

Karen Traynor

32, manager, corporate risk

Karen Traynor joined Trisura a year into its operation and has been integral to the company’s success. After working as an underwriter for a few years, Traynor moved to the head office, where she now helps run the corporate risk operation. Involved in all facets of Trisura’s business, Traynor has been integral in the implementation of the company’s main underwriting system. She also spearheaded Trisura’s transition to a paperless office system, works on the company’s overall reinsuirance structure, and liaises with brokers and reinsurers to bring them Trisura’s message.

Company Information

  • Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company
  • 333 Bay Street, Suite 1610 Toronto, ON M5H 2R2

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