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Insurance Business | 23 Aug 2016, 03:10 PM Agree 0
Nearly 140 children were accidentally shot by themselves or others in the first seven months of 2016, and it’s particularly concentrated in the South
  • Thoughtful | 23 Aug 2016, 05:07 PM Agree 0
    I wonder about the caliber of people who leave their guns out. Maybe they were singing that German song, "bring out the barrel." Most skin doctors say you should not be baring your arms anyway. Just provides ammunition for the rest and you will never win, Chester.
  • Sal Minella | 23 Aug 2016, 05:12 PM Agree 0
    If we compare this to car insurance or try to model it that way, it will be a disaster. So the worst thing is someone gets fined? What if the person is not a permissible user of the gun and somehow gets it and uses it? What about all the guns that are not registered. I think this would be far away from reality.
  • Joe Potosky | 23 Aug 2016, 07:04 PM Agree 0
    What is stopping individual insurance companies from raising rates on gun owners now?

    By the way, those illegally with firearms could care less about insurance and most likely don't even have renters insurance.
  • Jay | 29 Aug 2016, 05:44 PM Agree 0
    "Gun Insurance" is just another not-so-bright idea proposed by people who wish to legislate a right out of existence by making it something that only the wealthy can afford. The hope is if insurance companies are allowed to make money on such a product, it will be too expensive for most people to include in their budget. Proposers of such legislation can have little true expectation that such insurance will prevent gun crimes. If this passes, what next? Knife insurance? Axe insurance? Billy club insurance? Why has this idea even been seriously proposed by anyone? Do the powers that be REALLY think we are that stupid? More to the point -- are we that stupid?
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