Assurant study finds majority perceive benefits from connected living

Assurant study finds majority perceive benefits from connected living

Assurant study finds majority perceive benefits from connected living A new study by major insurer Assurant revealed that more Americans perceive lifestyle benefits from the everyday use of connected gadgets, but the attendant risks are cause for concern among them as well.

The study, “The Connected Future: Navigating Promise and Risk,” revealed that 68% of respondents perceived benefits from the use of technology in their daily living.

Among others, they cited savings (28%), enjoyment (21%), and peace of mind (21%) as the top benefits of having internet-connected home products.

“Our survey clearly showed that most consumers believe connected technologies are improving their lives, especially when it comes to products that provide a tangible value,” Alan Colberg, Assurant president and chief executive said in a company statement.

He continued, “However, for consumers to embrace connected lifestyles in a significant way, the consumer technology industry must address consumer fears about the vulnerabilities of being connected.”

Among others, 52% of respondents were unaware of a major cyber-attack in October 2016, which piggy backed on web-enabled home devices, such as refrigerators and DVRS. After being made aware of the incident, 46% expressed hesitation over purchasing such devices, the study said.

Further, 79% of those surveyed said they were more likely to purchase products that provide increased protection against privacy risks.

“It’s clear that consumers who are most comfortable with technology are much more likely to protect themselves and their purchases with additional coverage. In turn, they experience half the level of fear and frustration associated with a connected lifestyle,” Assurant president for global lifestyle Keith Demmings also noted in the statement.

The survey polled 2,500 US consumers who own a smartphone and are subscribed to a wireless service.

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