Experts bolster Lockton’s top brass

Experts bolster Lockton’s top brass

Experts bolster Lockton’s top brass Lockton recently named six new executives to key positions as it expands its energy and marine practice in Houston.

Incoming senior vice president and director of energy and marine Tim Woodard has been with Lockton for 18 months. He has more than a decade of legal and risk management experience. He pursued doctorate studies and earned his bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University.

Senior advisor to the energy and marine team Mike O’Reilly will collaborate with clients to develop bespoke risk management solutions and insurance programs. He has more than 30 years’ experience as an enterprise risk expert and risk manager in the energy industry.

James R. Brooks will assume the position of director in the energy and marine team. He has more than two decades of experience and is well-regarded in the industry for his entrepreneurial and innovative risk management approaches in the energy sector.

Taking on the key Strategic Broker Leader role in the Energy and Marine team is Linda Skiles. Skiles has been with Lockton for 15 years, and is an industry veteran with more than 30 years of market and risk management experience under her belt. She is a business graduate from the University of Houston.

New senior vice president—account executive for the energy and marine group Kevin Sisk will work with clients on casualty insurance programs. Sisk is a recognized industry expert in contract risk management and complex casualty programs. He is a Texas A&M graduate with a business degree in management information systems.

Patrick Hendrick has also been named senior vice president—account executive and will focus on complex casualty insurance programs both in energy and non-energy industries. His diverse experience covers a career that spans the energy, refining, real estate, and hospitality industries.

“We are pleased to have these talented professionals as part of our industry-leading Energy and Marine team,” said Tim Kelly, leader of Lockton’s Texas property-casualty operations. “Our clients have weathered a global energy market downturn and these leaders will help us successfully guide them through the recovery cycle and risk issues ahead.”

Tim Law, Chairman of Lockton Global Energy in London, added, “These talented professionals will continue to enable us to provide a level of skill and expertise that is unique within the industry.  We are truly excited to work with them moving forward.”

Lockton advises energy and marine clients globally on risk management issues and integrates U.S. operations and those of the Lockton Global Energy specialist team in London, Bermuda, Singapore, Dubai, Glasgow, and other key trading centers.