Morning Briefing: Tesla crash could delay driverless car roll-out

Morning Briefing: Tesla crash could delay driverless car roll-out

Morning Briefing: Tesla crash could delay driverless car roll-out Tesla crash could delay driverless car roll-out
The potential for a fast roll-out of driverless vehicles may be hampered by news of the technology’s first known fatality.

The incident involved a Tesla Model S being driven by 40-year old Joshua Brown of Ohio in May. The vehicle was in autopilot mode on a Florida road when it failed to stop as a tractor-trailer crossed the road in front of it.

The report at says that the technology was unable to distinguish the white vehicle crossing the highway against a bright sky. Mr Brown was killed in the crash while the tractor driver was unharmed.

In a blog post, Tesla reported that the incident was the subject of a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigation.
RBC completes sale of its general insurance business
Royal Bank of Canada has completed the sales of its RBC General Insurance Company to Aviva Canada Inc.

The assets that have been transferred include certain home and auto insurance manufacturing capabilities including claims, underwriting and product development.

RBC Insurance has also reached an agreement with Aviva to market and sell a full suite of P&C insurance products in Canada.
Lawmakers propose dash-cam insurance discount
Two New York lawmakers have proposed that drivers who fit a dashboard camera in their vehicle should get a 5 per cent discount from their insurance premium.

Senator Jose Peralta and assemblymember Alicia Hyndman say that non-commercial drivers should receive the discount for their ability to provide valuable video footage in the event of an accident.

Peralta told CBS that “if motorists feel that they’re being taped by a dash cam, then maybe, just maybe they will think twice before engaging in reckless driving or leaving the scene of an accident.”

Along with the lower premiums, the proposed legislation would make it easier for the authorities to get the video footage.