Obamacare sign-ups surge despite Trump victory

Obamacare sign-ups surge despite Trump victory

Obamacare sign-ups surge despite Trump victory Bloomberg News

More than one million people selected insurance plans through the Affordable Care Act in the first two weeks of sign-ups, outpacing last year, the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said in a report Wednesday.

From Nov. 1, when the sign-up markets opened, to Nov. 12, about 246,433 new consumers chose an Obamacare plan for next year, and 761,785 renewed their existing coverage. That amounts to about 53,000 more plans than were selected during the first 12 days of open enrollment last, year, the government said.

This year’s sign-up process opened in the waning days of the US presidential election and the surprise election of Donald Trump, who has promised to repeal and replace or amend the law.

“The American people are demonstrating how much they continue to want and need the coverage the marketplace offers,” Sylvia Burwell, secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, said in a statement. Enrollment figures will be released every two weeks up until Dec. 15, the deadline to sign up for coverage that starts on Jan. 1, the US said.

The sign-up figures are only for the 39 states where the federal government runs enrollment, and doesn’t include states that have opted to build their own enrollment systems. Enrollment can vary week to week, and in past years there has typically been a surge of sign-ups near the deadline.

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  • Bill 11/18/2016 10:54:54 AM
    With all the Private carriers being forced out of the market - With only one choice left - Yep signups are going to surge. We have read the ACA and it is very plan to see that only one plan will be left to buy from - The Government!
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  • Dragonfly Lady 12/14/2016 2:33:04 PM
    People are signing up because they don't want to pay the fine!!!!!!! Add to that, tax credits have mysteriously increased substantially, well after the initial information for 2017 went out, making the incredibly high premiums a little more affordable.

    I have clients who are dropping coverage because they don't qualify for a tax credit and can't afford the drastically increased premiums! Sylvia Burrell doesn't have a clue or is deliberately making misleading statements.
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