Report: The holidays with the most vehicle thefts

Report: The holidays with the most vehicle thefts

Report: The holidays with the most vehicle thefts Producers in the auto sector may want to warn clients to be on their guard this holiday season.

While Christmas Day preserved its reputation as a tiding of comfort and joy in terms of holiday auto thefts, New Year’s Day took the cake with the more than 2,000 vehicles reported stolen that day in 2012, and New Year’s Eve wasn’t far behind.

The figures come from a new report by the National Insurance Crime Center, which took a detailed look at vehicle theft reports during America’s 11 biggest holidays last year.

The holidays generally aren’t a hot time for auto thefts, the NICC noted, with most holidays boasting lower theft report figures than the 2012 daily average. However, the days surrounding traditional shopping seasons are not only a hotbed for theft, but vehicle burglary—and that includes Christmas.

Additionally, three holidays hit the mark for above-average theft activity: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and Labor Day.

The NICC noted that holiday thefts by state also varied. California led the pack with the most thefts during each holiday, with Texas and Florida not far behind. Illinois and Washington state also showed up on NICB’s register, with different holidays featuring varying degrees of theft reports in each state.

One fact remained true in each state analyzed, however: New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day saw among the highest number of thefts across the US.

To avoid sorting through a mountain of voicemails come January 2, producers should remind drivers to take extra care during the holiday season by parking in well-lit areas and keeping any presents or packages out of view and in the trunk.  

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