The top 5 best and worst cities for drivers

The top 5 best and worst cities for drivers

The top 5 best and worst cities for drivers Allstate Insurance Co. released its annual Best Driver’s Report, and brokers in particular areas of the country have some work to do in the safe driving outreach department.

Three out of the top five worst cities for driving were located in Massachusetts with Worcester, Boston and Springfield coming in first, second and fourth, respectively.

Furthermore, drivers in Worchester tend to become involved in an auto accident once every 4.3 years, making them 134.8 % more liable to crash their cars than the average American. Bostonians were not far behind, finding 4.4 years between accidents, making them correspondingly 129.9 % more likely to get in an accident.

The top five worst was rounded out by Washington, D.C. ranked third with 5.1 years between accidents, and Providence, RI in fifth experiencing 5.4 years between accidents.
Perhaps more optimistic, according to Allstate’s stats, 70 % of vehicles involved in collisions are subsequently drivable, which would indicate they happen at lower speeds (under 35 mph).

“A big part of our job at Allstate is to help our customers prevent bad things from happening. With that in mind, our actuaries reviewed millions of records to develop this year’s report which presents new data to equip them with better driving awareness tools,” says Mike Roche, Allstate’s executive vice president of claims. “Allstate is showing drivers that factors like population, a city’s density and precipitation may contribute to their driving safety to reveal important lessons on the road.”

Fort Collins, CO ranked first for cities with the safest drivers, where individuals average 14.2 years between accidents, resulting in them being 29.6 % less likely to get in an accident.

Other top performers included Brownsville, TX, ranked second; Boise, ID, ranked third; Kansas City, MO, fourth; and Huntsville, AL, fifth.

Another interesting awareness campaign is being done by Progressive Insurance, which has claimed September 3rd as “Drive Safe Today Day.”  The date represents nine and three o’clock, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) recommended position for hands when driving.  

Provider activism of this nature could be the answer to cleaning up America’s highways.

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