Southern state had the most natural disaster incidents for 2015

Southern state had the most natural disaster incidents for 2015

Southern state had the most natural disaster incidents for 2015 A study recently published by InsuranceQuotes revealed that of all the states, Texas had the most number of natural disaster incidents last year.

Texas had a total of 951 incidents of high winds, 783 incidents of hail and 228 reports of tornadoes in 2015, the study found.

“Texas is getting a lot of weather: It’s big, there’s a lot of land and its size makes it a bigger target,” InsuranceQuotes senior insurance analyst Laura Adams told Emergency Management.

The implication that Texas had the most number of disaster incidents could lead to higher insurance rates—a suggestion that Adams does not miss.

“They’re already high in those top states and it means they’ll get even higher. It’s difficult to pay more for insurance but you want insurance companies to be solvent and be able to pay claims. It’s a bitter pill to swallow and it affects all consumers,” she commented.

Although the study did not offer a breakdown of the disaster claims into categories, Adams explained that the disasters choose no specific targets.

“These types of disasters affect everything, all types of properties — automobiles, residences, rental property like condos, it all gets affected by these disasters,” she said.

Adams also noted that many people are not proactive when it comes to preparing for natural disasters.

“Of course, in some cases there’s not a lot you can do. If you’re in the eye of a massive tornado, you’re going to sustain damage,” she remarked.

She recommended that homeowners should prepare their properties—particularly their roofing, doors, and windows—for severe weather. Adams also reminded consumers that should they modify their houses accordingly, they should also inform their insurers, since the upgrades could lead to discounted premiums. Customers must also review their insurance policies, she urged.

“If you don’t understand it, go to your agent or insurance company. Insurance policies aren’t easy to read — they’re written by lawyers for lawyers. But don’t let that stop you from getting clarity. If you don’t understand your policy, that means you’re opening yourself up to financial disaster.”

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