Truckers cut jobs in September

Truckers cut jobs in September

Truckers cut jobs in September Gains in the manufacturing and logistics sectors failed to latch on to transport companies in September, according to data from the US Labor Department.

Trucking companies slashed 3,600 jobs in the past month, putting an end to the summer momentum that ensued from reports of modest growth in shipping volumes.

The trend also cast its shadow on air, rail and water transport services. Transit and ground passenger companies cut more than 14,000 jobs, bringing the total job loss in the sector to 9,000 jobs last month.

In contrast, logistics companies added 5,000 new jobs in September. Warehousing and courier service providers also grew their ranks by 8,000 in anticipation of the busy holiday shopping season. Online activity is expected to boost holiday sales this year, and the retail sector has been getting more staff on board to deal with online orders, in addition to more hires at the brick and mortar stores.

Manufacturing also posted a strong showing, with factories regaining their foothold on growth. The Institute for Supply Management told reporters that the manufacturing sector, which is a strong source of demand for trucking companies, expanded in September. Despite the 13,000 job cuts last month, total hiring for goods-producing companies grew by 10,000 jobs.

In total, the overall job market posted a 156,000 expansion last month, tepid by analysts’ standards.