Uber tussles with EU transport regulators

Uber tussles with EU transport regulators

Uber tussles with EU transport regulators Ride hailing firm Uber Technologies will test the waters for its argument that it is not a transport company as a Luxembourg court hears a high stakes case that could decide its fate in Europe.

Uber has long argued that it is an “information society services provider,” and thus should not be subject to transport regulations, The Wall Street Journal reported.  

However, the company has earned the ire of traditional transport providers, as The Wall Street Journal noted that some consider it a “scofflaw.”  Uber, the publication said, has raised $11 billion in funding and has managed to skirt regulation protecting passengers and drivers, all while managing to crush competition.

The Luxembourg hearings are part of the company’s strategy to barrel through its legal woes, most especially in Europe, where several countries have stonewalled its service, including Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Hungary.

Regulators in London have gained on the California based company where a tribunal ruled that its drivers should be treated as regular employees entitled to minimum wage and paid holidays, which could undermine its business model.

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