Minimizing the risk of moving to cloud computing

Minimizing the risk of moving to cloud computing

Minimizing the risk of moving to cloud computing “Cloud computing is on the rise, increasingly being adopted by many industries such as construction to enhance collaboration, productivity and agility,” observed James Benham, chief executive at technology development firm JBKnowledge, in a recent report.

However, he noted that the technology that allows access, storage and data transmission to any device through computer networks, comes with risks that need to be managed in order to maximize its use.

“Company cloud policies and procedures need to be in place in order to protect data from being breached. No matter how large or small the company, the consequences of a data breach or cyber-attack can be catastrophic,” Benham explained. 

Among others, he said, firms need to implement cloud liability insurance, specifically to mitigate the risk for data breach, hacking or other cyber-attacks.

Benham added that it is important to secure the services of a third party for audits and security, specifically those whose line of expertise it is to install appropriate network security systems.

Employees also have a role to play in securing company data so they should be properly trained on practices and policies, and crisis response protocols.

Upgrades are also needed to keep up with current technologies to maximize the use of the cloud, Benham stressed. Thus, he said, it is important to set aside capital for investments in software and operating systems.