Recruit the best by having a hiring plan: expert

Recruit the best by having a hiring plan: expert

Recruit the best by having a hiring plan: expert “The construction industry is in the middle of a construction talent shortage. In today’s construction job market, competition for good candidates is fierce,” noted Jerry Wilkins, executive vice president of head hunting firm Kimmel and Associates. 

To make sure you get the cream of the crop, Wilkins said companies must devise a hiring plan—and stick to it.

“To increase the company’s chances of hiring the best candidates, create a plan for the process, including interviewing, due diligence, making an offer, handling counter-offers and onboarding,” Wilkins emphasized. 

He said that sometimes, the plan can be as simple as getting a preferred candidate in for a second and third interview, then getting him or her on board in the soonest possible time.

Further, Wilkins said time is an important element in the hiring process.

“Once a company starts interviewing candidates, the clock starts ticking. After that first conversation with a candidate, employers only have a short window of time to make a decision. And the better the candidate, the shorter the window,” he said.

Thus, Wilkins said it is important to maintain contact throughout the hiring process from the first contact down to the onboarding.

“Companies are going to infuse the candidate with a significant amount of trust if they do exactly what they say they will do from the onset. Candidates will be more inclined to commit to the company if it has built trust. That is the type of company people want to work for,” he concluded.