Environmental insurer announces new information development leader

Environmental insurer announces new information development leader

Environmental insurer announces new information development leader Ursula Knowles, with more than two decades of experience in environmental engineering, insurance underwriting, and knowledge management, has joined Beacon Hill as the firm’s new Assistant Vice President of Information Development.
She plans to use this backdrop to provide structured and easily obtainable material for Beacon Hill’s many stakeholders.
“I plan to make sure our information is organized, up-to-date, and as accessible as possible to brokers, as well as our clients eventually,” Knowles said.  

“You can have all the information in the world and know so many great things, but if you don’t know how to access it or don’t develop an easy way to access it, it’s not as useful.”

Having served in prominent positions at such firms as AIG, Marsh, and Rockhill Insurance Group, Knowles says, “Whatever’s going to be dictated by needs of broker is how I’m going to be culling all the information I’ve gathered all these years.”

She also looks forward to becoming a thought leader on different topics within the environmental insurance space.

“Initially I’m going to be writing a lot of marketing information on specific industries, but what I do look forward to is once we’re done with that, there may be times where I have to get more detailed information and start writing white papers and more thought pieces that might speak to trends in certain areas like green buildings.”

“I’m excited about being able to put together information about what’s happening – tracking claims and lawsuits and real life, timely information for brokers.”

Finally, she anticipates a stimulating future at Beacon Hill, helping to solve problems and connecting the dots on multifaceted environmental insurance issues.

“It’s still like engineering because it’s trying to see what types of claims there might be, what types of exposures there might be, who might be a candidate for environmental insurance, what type of information brokers might need – like putting together pieces of the puzzle into a place that’s easily accessible.”