Trump won’t use his name on new hotels

Trump won’t use his name on new hotels

Trump won’t use his name on new hotels

Donald Trump has a branding problem and he knows it. Thus, the latest line of his company’s new line of lifestyle hotels won’t be eponymous, as the others that have come before were.

Rather, the new brand which will be focused on millennials will be called “Scion,” which, as the company defines it, means “descendant of a notable family,” which hopefully subtly references the owner without directly referring to Trump. 

“We wanted a name that would be a nod to the Trump family and to the tremendous success it has had with its businesses, including Trump Hotels, while allowing for a clear distinction between our luxury and lifestyle brands,” Trump Hotels Eric Danziger chief executive stated.

Figures from various sources have shown that the Trump brand is losing its lustre as the public consciously avoided patronizing Trump hotels since he announced his presidential candidacy last year.

Trump’s popularity further took a nose dive after the negative publicity that ensued from the release of records of him making lewd comments about women.

In May, media and research firm Skift revealed that 57% of those they surveyed were less likely to stay in one of Trump’s hotels because of his participation in the presidential derby. Further, Foursquare reported in August that foot traffic in Trump properties dipped since he announced his candidacy in June 2015. Travel website Hipmunk also showed bookings in his hotels went down 59% in the first half of 2016 compared to the same period last year.

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