10 places to get content ideas for your blog

10 places to get content ideas for your blog

10 places to get content ideas for your blog “How do I know what to write about in my blog?” 

This is something we hear almost on a daily basis. 

It can be daunting staring at a blank screen. You’re wondering what your insurance agency website visitors want to read.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in the insurance industry or how passionate you are. You have likely experienced the twinge of anxiety about blogging.
Not to worry. We are here to help. 

Your blogs do not need to be about insurance all the time. It is reasonable to take some creative liberties on your website. Your blog posts should reflect your personality. 

Let’s jump right in.

1.         Start with your hobbies

Make a list of activities you like to do when you are not working. Now you have several content ideas just from that list.   Look at your list and cross reference your hobbies with insurance. For example, if you like to travel, tie that in with travel insurance. 

2.         Talk to your agents

This may seem like a strange resource for blog posts. But, it’s worthwhile to come together and compile a list of questions they field every day.   It is likely your clients asking these questions have already looked for the answer and did not find it. At least, to their satisfaction. Or, they did little research and thought it best to ask you. Either way, these questions are an opportunity to get tuned in to the information people are looking for.

3.         Use Google search recommendations

I know this suggestion may have you scratching your head, but stay with me. Try this little exercise:  Open a new tab in your browser and search for one of your main keywords, e.g., car insurance. Scroll down to the bottom of the search results. There you will see a section titled “Searches related to car insurance.” In this section you will see other search options related to your main keyword.   These are things people search for. You can easily blog about these search terms. Do this search for each type of insurance you write, and you will have a healthy list of blog topics. 

4.         Check your Google Search Console 

Review the Search Analytics report in your Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools). These are phrases your website already ranks for. You should see questions and phrases in this list that can act as the topic for a blog post. 

5.         Write about local news and events. 

Remember when I said blog topics don’t always have to focus on insurance? Write about local events, news and other happenings in your area. 

6.         Browse industry blogs or forum

Look to industry blogs and forums that have active comment sections. See what questions people are asking. Those questions can lead to some great blog topics.
7.         Sign up for Google Alerts

Every insurance agency should use Google Alerts. Set up alerts for your agency name and main keywords, e.g., business insurance. 

You will get email alerts from around the internet based on the keywords in your alert. You'll also get these in whatever frequency you choose. 

8.         Send out a client survey 

Create a simple client survey. Allow your clients to suggest topics they’re interested to know more about. You’ll gain insight into the minds of your clients and relevant potential blog topics.

9.         Peruse Quora

Quora is a platform for people to pose questions on various topics. Those questions are then answered by the community. You can follow questions related to the industry or other topics of interest. 

10.       Try your hand at freewriting 

This technique is common in brainstorming but can be useful for finding blog topics too. To free write, just start writing. Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation. 

This is a slightly amended version of a blog posted by Stephanie Ewen with ITC.  It has been shortened to make it suitable for web publishing.