Video content set to boom on social media: expert

Video content set to boom on social media: expert

Video content set to boom on social media: expert Online brand marketing specialist Ashley Karhoff said in a recent report that more dollars are going into digital video content, as demand for the medium increases over the internet, especially on social media platforms.

“To illustrate this is eMarketer’s data on the expected ad expenditure in the US over the next four years. These future projections indicate that not only will digital ad spend increase significantly, increasing on average $13 billion every year, but social and video are the only ad types expected to grow in the near future. While social is expected to grow significantly, video ad types will boom 184% from $9.9 billion to $28 billion in ad spend – making them the fastest growing ad type,” Karhoff cited.

Thus, she said, brands should anticipate the demand for video in their marketing programs. Further, she said that current customer behavior indicates that they will choose to engage with brands that create bespoke content that address their preferences.

“In addition, marketers will be creating more video ads, especially on Facebook and Instagram, as they yield more engagement and higher click through rates than traditional static ads,” she stressed.

With video adoption still in its early stages, Karhoff also advised companies that now is a good time to experiment with video content delivered through social media and their corporate websites to gain better insight and understanding about how their audience will respond to different forms of video content.