Wyoming charities face budget pressures

Wyoming charities face budget pressures

Wyoming charities face budget pressures Wyoming non-profits are under fiscal pressure as the state government makes cuts to cope with budget deficits, according to reports. This sector is also feeling the heat from the implementation of the Labor Department overtime rule requiring rationalized compensation for charity workers.

According to the Wyoming Non-profit Network, there are around 3,000 public charities and 301 private foundations in the state, with 95% having annual budgets below $1 million.

These modest organizations are more sensitive to budget fluctuations, which could easily change the sustainability equation.

Jody Shields, Network managing director said, “It will be interesting to continue forward and see how non-profits are being (affected) with the down economy. Funding is being decreased and non-profits are already lean.”

Another source of pressure is coming from the compensation quarter as the Labor Department implemented new overtime rules, which also cover non-profits.

Shields explained that it will take a tough balancing act for organizations to manage their human resources compensation programs, given the new rules. For instance, non-profits have to be sure to limit their workers’ time to 40 hour weeks, as well as adhere to stricter rules defining exemptions and volunteer work.

As assistance to its members under these challenging conditions, the Network is conducting workshops to help them navigate the new regulations.

Further capacity building on fundraising has also been recommended for these organizations.

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