- works exclusively with the insurance industry

Our survey respondents raved about AgenciesOnline, a marketing firm serving the insurance industry exclusively. AgenciesOnline’s marketing team has decades of experience in the insurance industry, so they know how to craft marketing strategies that help independent agencies thrive.

“Our secret weapon is that we consult with our clients on a monthly basis. We talk about what’s going on at their agency, what they’re trying to achieve,” says AgenciesOnline President Valerie Jordan. “…We try to build a circle. We want to make sure we close that circle – that we’ve touched all the various media that we possibly can.”

While developing interactive websites for independent agencies is the cornerstone of AgenciesOnline’s philosophy, that’s just the beginning. The company has a robust approach to marketing, including e-mail campaigns, professional coaching and harnessing the latest technologies.

“I really think we’re in some exciting times,” Jordan says. “The independent broker is the best-kept secret, and a secret weapon. They have the expertise and the knowledge to be able to get to know the client, know their needs and being able to recommend products that are going to meet those needs.”

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