Headquarters: Bay Shore, NY
Year founded: 1950
Leadership: Bryan Brownyard, chairman; Brendan Brownyard, CEO; Tory Brownyard, president

When William H. Brownyard realized that the liability coverage offered to his security business clients wasn’t addressing their specific insurance needs, he pioneered a specialized insurance program aimed to meet the needs of security professionals – thus creating Brownguard, the firm’s program specifically for security professionals.

“There are many challenges in this class of business, but the most important is getting a clear picture of the types of clients the security firms are servicing,” says Tory Brownyard, president of WH Brownyard Corp. and program manager of Brownguard. “There is a large difference in the amount of risk assumed by security officers protecting an industrial plant after hours and the risks of servicing a concert venue during events. It is also important to track your loss experience and identify industries and settings that are becoming increasingly high-profile, as we have recently identified with hospitals and other healthcare facilities.”

Over the years, Brownyard has responded to market needs by developing new programs for other industries, including PIprotect for private investigators and PCOpro for pest control operators, as well as GroundCover for landscapers, among many others. “Throughout the 60-plus years of handling specialty insurance and expanding our business into new industries, Brownyard Group has remained committed to providing the highest-quality insurance product with coverages that are necessary and relevant to the industries that we serve,” Brownyard says.

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  • Brownyard Group
  • 21 Maple Avenue PO Box 9175 Bay Shore, NY 11706-9175 US

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