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Insurance Business | 11 Oct 2016, 10:00 AM Agree 0
Proposal could be too inconvenient and expensive for users, according to transport minister
  • Jordan | 31 Mar 2018, 01:26 PM Agree 0
    For e-bikes, having a small battery and consequently, a lighter bike is no problem because if the battery runs flat, the rider can still peddle it like a normal bicycle and continue doing so until he reaches his destination. I personally use my bicycle (non battery powered) as a mode of transport. I can cycle from woodlands to east coast park to meet with my friends. After that, I'll cycle home. If I were riding an e-bike, the battery would have probably run out of power on my way back home, and in such a situation, a lighter e-bike would have been ideal as it makes peddling my way home easier.

    When the panel recommended that e weight of e scooters should also be kept at 20 kilos and below, i believe that they have overlooked the fact that the heart of an e scooter is the battery. Unlike pedelecs, an e scooter can only operate and move when there is power in the battery. If I rode an e scooter to east coast , it would definitely run out of battery power mid way ( because I would have to buy an e scooter with a small battery to keep its weight under 20 kilos. And small battery equals low mileage). However , I can't peddle it home like i do an e-bike. As such, I hope the authorities would increase the weight limit for e scooters so that we can buy one with a bigger battery to enable us to travel longer distances. For to many people, the e scooter is actually a mode of transport, especially for people like me who cannot afford a car and want to save some bus and mrt fare. Singapore is the most expensive city in the world for a few years running, and many of us simply can't keep up with the cost of living without some cost cutting measures.
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