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Insurance Business | 09 Mar 2018, 03:12 AM Agree 0
Registration and insurance made mandatory after over 100 accidents involving e-scooters
  • | 13 Mar 2018, 04:39 PM Agree 0
    I think the weight restrictions should be more flexible. To make the scooter meet the weight requirements, some of the uncles or aunties may have to remove the seats of their scooters. Imagine these uncles and aunties having to stand on the scooters to travel around. Moreover, a person weighing 80kg on a 18kg scooter would need a longer stopping distance compared to a 60kg person on 25kg scooter. The impact of the former will also be greater than the latter in an accident because of the total weight. So I believe we should be more relaxed on the weight requirements. 25 kg would be better as older folks do not have to resort to removing their seats.
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